Behind The Product: A Look Into the "Cultural Pride" Leggings

The "Behind The Product" series takes a look at each A&S product and the inspiration behind it. 

As part of our first-ever leggings that we released (We released three at once), the "Cultural Pride" leggings instantly became our most popular ones to date. The inspiration for these leggings comes from the West African nation of Ghana, where the name "Abrantie" also comes from. 

These leggings feature a sporty look, with an all-black foundation and the brand name running down the left leg in the classic cursive print, along with the kente-inspired West African fabric screen printed along the bottom of the leggings. 

In addition to helping to spread positivity and mental health awareness, these leggings fit right in with our theme of cultural inclusivity as we aim to be a brand that represents all cultures. 

The "Culture Pride" leggings can be purchased here:


Featured Model: Michaela Pocock

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