Chasing Your Dreams - Graduating From Nursing School (LPN to RN)

Here at A&S, we make an active effort to promote the positivity that's occurring all around us. Spreading motivational and inspirational stories is a great way to create a mentally healthier society. 

A good friend of mine, Vanessa (known as Very Vanessa on Instagram), recently graduated from RN school and will become a registered nurse very shortly. Her story is one that has not only inspired me, but also many other people chasing their own dreams. She initially started off as a model appearing in many popular music videos with celebrities, and then made the switch to nursing -- where she worked as an LPN for the past six years. While working and juggling other responsibilities, she managed to go back and successfully obtain her RN degree. 

Hearing stories like hers helps to not only inspire the public, but also shows that with hard work, dedication, and focus -- anything is possible. 

Luckily for us, Vanessa has been a supporter of A&S, our message, and our stance to promote mental health awareness. Here she is below with a message wearing one of our black crop tops



To watch and learn more about her journey, click the video below:

 To keep up with her journey and to follow her on social media:

Her YouTube page.

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