It’s officially October 1st, and that means it is the start of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Breast Cancer affects 1 in 8 women here in the United States, and though many strides have been made medically, this disease still affects our mothers, daughters, wives, aunts, co-workers, and other loved ones.

At A&S, we are always looking to make a positive impact and we are using Breast Cancer Awareness Month as a great opportunity to spread the word about this disease and raise awareness on how women can receive screenings, mammograms, and other preventative care services. One of our more popular items — our pink hat — will serve as the item of the month and we will be promoting this item along with our other products.

For this month only, all of our items are 25% off using the coupon code “PINK17”, and in addition to the 5% donation that we make to Mental Health America year-round, we will match that same donation for the month of October to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

For more information on how you can donate to the Susan G. Komen Foundation, click here:

For ways to donate to and support Mental Health America, click here:

We also have a partnership with Diamond Heart Foundation, which is an anti-exploitation non-profit, to learn more and also donate, click here:

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