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Chasing Your Dreams - Graduating From Nursing School (LPN to RN)

Here at A&S, we make an active effort to promote the positivity that's occurring all around us. Spreading motivational and inspirational stories is a great way to create a mentally healthier society.  A good friend of mine, Vanessa (known as Very Vanessa on Instagram), recently graduated from RN school and will become a registered nurse very shortly. Her story is one that has not only inspired me, but also many other people chasing their own dreams. She initially started off as a model appearing in many popular music videos with celebrities, and then made the switch to nursing -- where she worked as an LPN for the past six years. While working and juggling other responsibilities, she managed to go back...

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Our First Fashion Show - PSAFE4 Atlanta

This past Saturday, we had the chance to talk about our clothing brand in Downtown Atlanta at the PSAFE4 Fashion Expose. It was a great event, and an honor to be mentioned amongst different rising brands in Atlanta. My latest YouTube vlog summarizes our day at the show, and provides a behind the scenes at our day.  Special thanks again to the organizers at PSAFE4 and also the Happy Hour ATL Podcast for having us on and interviewing us.  Excited to see where the journey takes us!    

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Staying Mentally Fit During Finals Week: A How-To Guide

The older I get, the more I realize that exercise is non-negotiable when it comes to maintaining and promoting your physical and mental health. When I say "exercise", most people around me automatically think of a heavy weight-lifting session followed by a 5 mile run - which is the wrong way to think. If you are able to push out intense workouts regularly, more power to you. However, the goal is to get out of the house and do something for 30 minutes to 1 hour which will 1). Give you a break from studying and 2). Improve your physical and mental health. At the very least, this is a therapeutic way to take a pause. Exercise and physical fitness...

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