A Little Help From Our Friends In Rome (Italy Photoshoot)

When we started this company last year, a lot of great collaborations happened. From bringing entertainer Desi Banks out to Augusta University and collaborating with different models in Atlanta, you could say the A&S Team was busy all year. While promoting our brand online, we caught the attention of Italian photographer Daniele Troiano who expressed his interest in the brand and his desire to also help spread mental health awareness in his hometown of Aprilia, Lazio (Italy). We were able to exchange contacts and collaborate to help give our brand its first international exposure.  

Due to the Italian origins in our name ("Signora" translates to lady in the Italian language), we felt it was only natural to do work in Italy in addition to the good work being done here in the States.

Daniele's great work has helped to bring a lot of positive attention to our brand and has attracted a lot of people in Italy with the same interests. While this is only the beginning, we are hoping to do more work internationally to keep spreading the positive message!

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  • Walter Angua Adaku

    thank you for the creativity and innovation. Could i be your representative in Uganda. Iam very interesting person in business venture. Bravo

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