About Us

Our goal is to spread positivity and instill confidence in everyday men and women from all backgrounds. “Abrantie & Signora” – which translates to “Gentleman & “Woman” – in the Ghanaian/Italian languages – is our brand which focuses on rounding up the most inspiring and positive stories in order to create a culture of confidence, self-empowerment, positivity, and cultural inclusivity. Through our clothing brand and uplifting stories, we hope to inspire and convince those around us to live their lives with a greater sense of appreciation and gratitude for every personal victory.

The “You Already Won” campaign that we’ve started focuses on highlighting the lives of unique individuals who have overcome challenging situations to thrive in their daily lives. As we promote positivity through these inspiring stories, we aim to inspire people today – and especially the younger generation – to live life with a winner’s mentality. We understand that while everyone is fighting a battle, the journey to overcome makes us all winners.

In efforts to make the world a more positive place for all, we emphasize giving back to our communities. By purchasing Abrantie & Signora products, you can help us do so as well. Through our partnership with Mental Health America, we are currently donating 5% of all profits to MHA to improve the mental health of all Americans.



Positivity thinking usually precedes positive results


Inspire confidence in yourself and others


Celebrate diversity


You already won