Our Story


In January of 2017, I was a graduate student at Augusta University with a desire to make an impact outside of the traditional academic setting. I was enrolled in the doctorate of nursing practice program to acquire my nurse practitioner certification with a mental health focus. Though, I knew I wanted to eventually practice as a clinician in a psychiatric setting, I also had the desire to run a business that aligned with my passion for mental health awareness. With the help of some close friends, we took a leap of faith and launched Abrantie & Signora - which translates to “Gentleman & “Woman” – in the Ghanaian/Italian languages. We decided to choose a unique name to demonstrate that we wanted to represent all people from different backgrounds because mental health awareness is for all of us.  


Later on that year, we managed to secure a partnership with Mental Health America to help promote our message of positivity, hope, and mental health awareness. 


Our Goal: Positivity and Confidence

Our goal is to spread positivity and instill confidence in everyday men and women from all backgrounds. We want our clothes to represent a culture of confidence, self-empowerment, positivity, and cultural inclusivity. Through our clothing brand, we hope to promote mental health awareness while inspiring those around us to live their lives with a greater sense of gratitude for every personal victory. You Already Won!