Impact of COVID-19 on Our Well-Being

News about COVID-19 is flooding all over social media and news reports, affecting almost every aspect of our life. From the travel restrictions and curfews, the government imposed, up to the limited number of supplies people can purchase in the grocery. People inevitably go through a wide range of emotions, including stress and anxiety, making it vital for everyone to know how to manage their well-being properly.

The Effects of COVID on the General Population

People around the world are going through a lot of stress and anxiety because of COVID. This is aggravated by news all over social media, radio, and television. Most of this information is often false, which causes more anxiety than necessary. You can avoid unnecessary stress by taking note of the following:

●      Minimize getting your information from unreliable sources and stick with trusted sources for your news.

●      Be supportive of your community by extending any assistance you can give. Every help you can provide is necessary during this trying time.

●      Look for opportunities to share hopeful and positive stories to the community.

How to Help Frontliners Fight the Outbreak

The frontlines of COVID are under a lot of pressure, trying to help others while also keeping themselves safe. Often, they can't help but feel isolated for people fear that they might become infected with COVID-19. It'sIt's only essential that the community gives back to the frontliners, by helping them get through the pandemic by these simple actions:

●      Providing them with rest, healthy foods, and medicine to help combat the outbreak.

●      Staying connected with them, whether you're a family member or friend. During these times, they may feel isolated, and keeping contact helps them know they're not alone.

●      Fighting the stigma about COVID, which leads to the spreading of more misinformation.

How to Manage Your Staff Effectively

Protecting your staff's well being is vital to keep them productive and have a better capacity to do their work. You must understand that the pandemic won't go overnight, and your role to help them during these times is vital. It's essential to have long-term plans to get through the problems and provide contingencies. Most importantly, make sure to give them access to any psychological and health services. Here are also some measures you can observe:

●      Keep open communication with your staff and be transparent with all the information you receive and share.

●      Employ a buddy system so that they won't feel alone and have someone watch their back. Doing this also provides a sound support system to manage stress.

●      Provide a flexible work schedule to adjust to their personal and family needs.

Tips for Children and the Elderly Safety

The children and the elderly are more susceptible to being infected with COVID, which is why the community needs to keep them safe and monitor them accurately. It is also as essential to be mindful of their well being during this period, to assure them that everything will be alright and you're there to keep them safe. But sometimes, they can't help but feel scared and sad, and observing these activities can help:

●      Maintaining a familiar routine and engaging them with different activities.

●      Keeping close attention to their needs, especially on their emotional well being.

●      Providing accurate information about COVID and reassuring them it is a recoverable illness.

How People Under Isolation (PUI) Can Manage their Well Being

If there's anyone who's more affected here, these are PUI. They'll feel isolated from the rest of the world, and a lot of things are running in their head, and having someone reassure them can make significant strides at promoting their well-being. Besides this, PUI's must remain connected with their friends and loved ones through online channels.


COVID-19 is a pandemic that the world is still unsure of when it'll end. Not only is it essential to protect the physical aspect of the person, but the emotional and mental and well-being of a person is also as important. Everyone can benefit from having a positive mind to get through this period.






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