This past week, I was sleeping when my younger brother woke me up to inform me that one of our neighbors had purchased multiple items from the clothing company and was excited about the message and purpose of the brand. I quickly woke up to go meet our newest customer and listen to what made him enthusiastic about the company and the clothes. Like many of our supporters, Mr. Brian Munford was delighted to be support the brand due to our emphasis on positivity and mental health awareness. For my weekly YouTube show, Mr. Munford was gracious enough to share some of his thoughts about the company, mental health awareness, and the importance of sticking together as one.
This is how it went:
Once again, special thanks to Mr. Brian Munford.
5% of proceeds are donated to our partner organization — Mental Health America.
Here is a link to a free mental health screening tool from our partners at MHA for anyone who may need it.
For those experiencing any suicidal thoughts or in immediate crisis, 24/7 help is available at 1-800-273-8255 (National Suicide Hotline).